About the Coin Discussion

If you found, purchased, or possess a coin that you’d like to discuss or share – you are at the right place. This includes identification, examination, evaluation, and discussion.


  • Post an extensive description, of everything you already know about a coin that needs identification.

  • Take quality pictures, of both coin obverse and reverse.

  • Sharing multiple coins per 1 topic is NOT allowed. The only exception is if coins are of the same type, e.g. 5 Roman Denari, or 3 Byzantine Siliqua.

  • Coin Identification is broken down into sub-categories. If you know the region of your unknown coin, create a topic for a sub-category that fits. If you don’t – you can create a topic under the main Coin ID category.

  • Junk coins that are below F grading, coins that have little to no detail, OR coins completely covered in dirt should go into Junk Category. But who knows – maybe it’s a hidden gem!

  • No sales or advertisement is allowed!